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yılgın late night sketch;memory drawing.


I guess it was on August 2 when I had to go to hospital because of extreme vertigo, continuous vomitting and unceasing disturbing contractions which have lasted for 2 days….I was even unable to move my head nor able to speak as it only deteriorated the situation…As a result I was diagnosed with “Meniere’s disase”…
With the help of the drugs the symptomps have relatively reduced,yet for the couple of days I’ve avoided whatever takes attention and concentration;reading,drawing,doing household chores,watching sth.etc.Spent hours doing almost nothing.Then a few days later started to feel better and I thought all this nightmare is over.

Something I drew when I felt good “Conversationconversation.


However on August 11 the Meniere’s attacks came back with overwhelmingly annoying contractions again ,it was so unbearable that I had the surreal feeling that it will never end…All in all, part of the contractions turned out to be an allergic reaction to one of the drugs…Now I’m out of hospital and fortunately feeling a lot better,I only wish somebody to tell me it will never come back,and consequently will be able to bury all those prolonged pain in the past 🙂 because I no longer have stress-resistant personality,just want to act like that nothing has happened …and finally will be able to live normal life again, draw again(which is extremely crucial 🙂 )
Thank you all for your support and reading this…Have a good life 🙂