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The Fool


King Lear’s wise fool.Who doesn’t need someone like him?

My beautiful friend


Hello friends,as you know I’ve been away for sometime,I was busy with my personal problems…
For now,meet my beautiful friend :)I don’t know her name,couldn’t decide what to call her yet.She is one of the most well-behaved dogs I’ve ever met ! She could curl up and pose for me for hours.That enabled for me to make lots of sketches.Countless sketches.No,she is not sick.Quite healthy indeed:)
Of course she didn’t always remain in one position.She got up,stretched,looked around…
At first I studied construction of the muscles of the dog at home.Took notes.
While drawing from life,it’s so hard for me to capture the foreshortened view.Luckily this beautiful girl likes to lie down and it doesn’t bother her how much time I’ve spent scrutinizing her.Hardest part for me was setting the eyes.Fortunately most of the time she kept them closed…. We played together,I gave her food but she was reluctant to eat,probably not hungry at all…Then came her friends with whom she gladly shared her food…Her friends were very interested and curious about my bag and everything unlike her.Luckily there were other people to keep them interested…So that’s all for now,thanks very much for reading our story!Have a great day!


sleeping789 (drawn by me)
Recently I’ve been captivated by the great Russian artist Zinaida Serebriakova…I’ve drawn one of her paintings : The reason why I’ve been studying those fascinating artists that there is infinite amount of things to learn from them (at least for me).Trying to delineate an oil painting in pencil is a big struggle.More struggle means more devotion which as a consequence manages to draw me into character…
Friends thank you all very much for looking at my work,have an amazing day 🙂


sardunya... Gözlemleyerek çizim…
Late night sketch of my geranium…Observational drawing.


papatya2.Georg Dionysius Ehret tarafından yağlıboya bir illustrasyonun( kurşunkalem çizimi:)

My pencil sketch of an oil painting painted by great Georg Dionysius Ehret.Not an easy thing to interpret an oil painting in pencil.Especially in A4 paper.Trying to learn from the masters…Long been lingering in the “trying” stage 🙂

Little warbler


So as you all know I love birds too much:)

Fikret Otyam


Usta ressam,fotoğrafçı,gazeteci,Aydınlık gazetesi yazarı Fikrat Otyam’a saygılarımla,en kısa zamanda sağlığına kavuşması dileğimle…

Fikret Otyam is a great artist,photographer and a journalist.Unfortunately he is now struggling with too many diseases in the hospital :(I wish him speedy recovery. Here you can see some of his paintings and photographs :