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The Fool


King Lear’s wise fool.Who doesn’t need someone like him?


sleeping789 (drawn by me)
Recently I’ve been captivated by the great Russian artist Zinaida Serebriakova…I’ve drawn one of her paintings : The reason why I’ve been studying those fascinating artists that there is infinite amount of things to learn from them (at least for me).Trying to delineate an oil painting in pencil is a big struggle.More struggle means more devotion which as a consequence manages to draw me into character…
Friends thank you all very much for looking at my work,have an amazing day ­čÖé

Therese Raquin

Emile Zola’s exquisite melodramatic novel,as you know :)That is another book I’ve read approximately a decade ago and still haunts,in every way…
reference is a theatre poster of Therese Raquin (I guess) I left Laurent’s eyes intentionally hollow as the pictures depicts the very beginning of the story and as a consequence Laurent’s self-indulgent character at the beginning,while Therese’s are closed,which I find very suitable to represent her passion…
Then the story begins…

Young soul


fingerprints everywhere…I used a reference photo of which I cannot find the link right now.

The Double

the double.

inspired from Dostoyevsky’s great novel “the double”.Probabyly I’ve read it more than a decade ago,and still amazed by Dostoyevsky’s amazing portrayal of the character… Reference photo is :

Anyway,this is my interpretation (that great photo helped a lot) escapism from modern society and nostalgia towards past times in some darkest moments…

You are not alone

you are not alone.

with pencil…
Reference photo is :


yas. lamenting woman and someone trying to comfort her….