Little Composer


Friends recently I’ve been working on different things (-in order not to repeat myself,therefore I’m out of my comfort zone-) on bigger paper.I cannot scan them,taking photos do not work either:(I wish I could,so then you could tell me where I’m doing wrong.It’s always great to receive feedback ­čÖé

So,again one of my little friends:) I love how they sing in the morning,as if they are distilling their voice from heaven:) They even gently reply the questions whenever I ask to them.I pretent to understand :))


Ka─čan G├╝ner

ka─čan-g├╝ner.... Ka─čan G├╝ner is a Turkish artist(painter, sculptor and illustrator of children’s books) who died in 2011.I wish I had an opportunity to meet him in person.According to all the articles I’ve read about him,he was a great person,besides being a great artist.His friends called him “revolutionary with smiling eyes”….

Ke┼čke tan─▒ma ┼čans─▒m olsayd─▒ dedi─čim;erken ya┼čta kaybetti─čimiz de─čerlerimizden.Hakk─▒nda okudu─čum bir k├Â┼čeyaz─▒s─▒:1. devam─▒ 2.

Little warbler


So as you all know I love birds too much:)

Fikret Otyam


Usta ressam,foto─čraf├ž─▒,gazeteci,Ayd─▒nl─▒k gazetesi yazar─▒ Fikrat Otyam’a sayg─▒lar─▒mla,en k─▒sa zamanda sa─čl─▒─č─▒na kavu┼čmas─▒ dile─čimle…

Fikret Otyam is a great artist,photographer and a journalist.Unfortunately he is now struggling with too many diseases in the hospital :(I wish him speedy recovery. Here you can see some of his paintings and photographs :



Somewhere in a place where I have spend most of my childhood…


yaren. She is such a peaceful cat ­čÖé



I saw this impressive photo : and wondered if I could do something from it,if I could catch the strong and determined feeling…Anyway at least I’ve tried…:)

Dedicated to all those revolutionaries;not to the pretenders who are in pursuit of some kind of status in the society or in the social media.There is a mass brainwashing and philosophy has long been put aside.Everything is all about consuming…