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The Fool


King Lear’s wise fool.Who doesn’t need someone like him?

Kağan Güner

kağan-güner.... Kağan Güner is a Turkish artist(painter, sculptor and illustrator of children’s books) who died in 2011.I wish I had an opportunity to meet him in person.According to all the articles I’ve read about him,he was a great person,besides being a great artist.His friends called him “revolutionary with smiling eyes”….

Keşke tanıma şansım olsaydı dediğim;erken yaşta kaybettiğimiz değerlerimizden.Hakkında okuduğum bir köşeyazısı:1. devamı 2.

Little warbler


So as you all know I love birds too much:)


yaren. She is such a peaceful cat 🙂

Walking in the street


While I was drawing this there was a terrible blizzard -and unfortunately still goes on- and I’m thinking about all the little lovely creatures outside 😦

Reference photo has been taken by talented photographer Emre Ogan.I added the tree.

By the way happy New Year everyone!

Therese Raquin

Emile Zola’s exquisite melodramatic novel,as you know :)That is another book I’ve read approximately a decade ago and still haunts,in every way…
reference is a theatre poster of Therese Raquin (I guess) I left Laurent’s eyes intentionally hollow as the pictures depicts the very beginning of the story and as a consequence Laurent’s self-indulgent character at the beginning,while Therese’s are closed,which I find very suitable to represent her passion…
Then the story begins…



The Double

the double.

inspired from Dostoyevsky’s great novel “the double”.Probabyly I’ve read it more than a decade ago,and still amazed by Dostoyevsky’s amazing portrayal of the character… Reference photo is :http://www.fotocommunity.com/pc/pc/cat/3405/display/33580931

Anyway,this is my interpretation (that great photo helped a lot) escapism from modern society and nostalgia towards past times in some darkest moments…

You are not alone

you are not alone.

with pencil…
Reference photo is : http://www.fotocommunity.com/pc/pc/display/32373032

Rodyon Romanoviç Raskolnikov


I’ve found a reference picture I guess taken from an old movie “crime and the punishment” tried to make him aged and mature (after he has been released),,,living somehow somewhere…