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Little Composer


Friends recently I’ve been working on different things (-in order not to repeat myself,therefore I’m out of my comfort zone-) on bigger paper.I cannot scan them,taking photos do not work either:(I wish I could,so then you could tell me where I’m doing wrong.It’s always great to receive feedback 🙂

So,again one of my little friends:) I love how they sing in the morning,as if they are distilling their voice from heaven:) They even gently reply the questions whenever I ask to them.I pretent to understand :))

Little warbler


So as you all know I love birds too much:)

I saw something

I saw something. I think she has really seen something 🙂



Reference picture is a wallpaper I’ve found on the internet


tailorbird.... the talented tailorbird 🙂

Curious bird

curious. Curious little bird…

Happy bird


Brown thornbill

brown thornbil.

Tired of still lives and I’ve missed my little friends too much…

The great tit (Parus major)