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The Fool


King Lear’s wise fool.Who doesn’t need someone like him?


sleeping789 (drawn by me)
Recently I’ve been captivated by the great Russian artist Zinaida Serebriakova…I’ve drawn one of her paintings : http://www.wikiart.org/en/zinaida-serebriakova/sleeping-katya-1945 The reason why I’ve been studying those fascinating artists that there is infinite amount of things to learn from them (at least for me).Trying to delineate an oil painting in pencil is a big struggle.More struggle means more devotion which as a consequence manages to draw me into character…
Friends thank you all very much for looking at my work,have an amazing day 🙂


sardunya... Gözlemleyerek çizim…
Late night sketch of my geranium…Observational drawing.


papatya2.Georg Dionysius Ehret tarafından yağlıboya bir illustrasyonun(https://www.pinterest.com/pin/575405289864638050/) kurşunkalem çizimi:)

My pencil sketch of an oil painting painted by great Georg Dionysius Ehret.Not an easy thing to interpret an oil painting in pencil.Especially in A4 paper.Trying to learn from the masters…Long been lingering in the “trying” stage 🙂

Little Composer


Friends recently I’ve been working on different things (-in order not to repeat myself,therefore I’m out of my comfort zone-) on bigger paper.I cannot scan them,taking photos do not work either:(I wish I could,so then you could tell me where I’m doing wrong.It’s always great to receive feedback 🙂

So,again one of my little friends:) I love how they sing in the morning,as if they are distilling their voice from heaven:) They even gently reply the questions whenever I ask to them.I pretent to understand :))

Kağan Güner

kağan-güner.... Kağan Güner is a Turkish artist(painter, sculptor and illustrator of children’s books) who died in 2011.I wish I had an opportunity to meet him in person.According to all the articles I’ve read about him,he was a great person,besides being a great artist.His friends called him “revolutionary with smiling eyes”….

Keşke tanıma şansım olsaydı dediğim;erken yaşta kaybettiğimiz değerlerimizden.Hakkında okuduğum bir köşeyazısı:1. devamı 2.

Fikret Otyam


Usta ressam,fotoğrafçı,gazeteci,Aydınlık gazetesi yazarı Fikrat Otyam’a saygılarımla,en kısa zamanda sağlığına kavuşması dileğimle…

Fikret Otyam is a great artist,photographer and a journalist.Unfortunately he is now struggling with too many diseases in the hospital :(I wish him speedy recovery. Here you can see some of his paintings and photographs : http://www.turkishpaintings.com/index.php?p=37&l=1&modPainters_artistDetailID=615