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My beautiful friend


Hi everyone, I’ve drawn my friends’ picture. She is Mehtap Taşkıran…she is an actress and a photo model and she is an amazing person, with a wonderful heart:)  Here is her blog, she is new it would be so nice of you if you take a look at : mehtaptaskiran.wordpress.com

and here is her youtube channel, you can also look at 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMn6MBERt3I


Fikret Otyam


Usta ressam,fotoğrafçı,gazeteci,Aydınlık gazetesi yazarı Fikrat Otyam’a saygılarımla,en kısa zamanda sağlığına kavuşması dileğimle…

Fikret Otyam is a great artist,photographer and a journalist.Unfortunately he is now struggling with too many diseases in the hospital :(I wish him speedy recovery. Here you can see some of his paintings and photographs : http://www.turkishpaintings.com/index.php?p=37&l=1&modPainters_artistDetailID=615