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My beautiful friend


Hi everyone, I’ve drawn my friends’ picture. She is Mehtap Taşkıran…she is an actress and a photo model and she is an amazing person, with a wonderful heart:)  Here is her blog, she is new it would be so nice of you if you take a look at : mehtaptaskiran.wordpress.com

and here is her youtube channel, you can also look at 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMn6MBERt3I


Kağan Güner

kağan-güner.... Kağan Güner is a Turkish artist(painter, sculptor and illustrator of children’s books) who died in 2011.I wish I had an opportunity to meet him in person.According to all the articles I’ve read about him,he was a great person,besides being a great artist.His friends called him “revolutionary with smiling eyes”….

Keşke tanıma şansım olsaydı dediğim;erken yaşta kaybettiğimiz değerlerimizden.Hakkında okuduğum bir köşeyazısı:1. devamı 2.

Edip Cansever

2-10“What are we capable of other than being human?” Edip Cansever

Cemal Süreya


Turgut Uyar


head study


man sketch